Data Analysis


One of the crucial parts of the data process is to understand what information they provide. This requires careful analysis and processing to understand the underlying information in the data.


Data analysis is a process of inspecting, refining, transforming and modelling data with the goal of revealing useful information, reporting conclusions and supporting decision making.


In Marbella Internet we offer you different types of data analysis:

  • Descriptive analysis: Descriptive data analysis looks at data from the past and tells what happened. It is often used when tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), revenue, sales leads and more.
  • Diagnostic Analysis: Diagnostic data analysis aims to determine why something happened. Once the descriptive analysis shows that something negative or positive happened, a diagnostic analysis can be done to find out the reason. A company can see that leads increased in a given month and use the diagnostic analysis to determine which marketing efforts contributed the most.
  • Predictive Analysis: Predictive data analysis predicts what is likely to happen in the future. In this type of research, trends are derived from past data that are then used to make predictions about the future.

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