Process Automation

In a highly competitive scenario, we cannot afford to waste time on repetitive tasks, which, although necessary, provide little value. How can the cost of such tasks be minimized?

Automation consists of designing processes or workflows in order to use the capacity of intelligent systems to carry out certain tasks previously performed by human beings, and which can be controlled, corrected and visible through these flows.

The main benefits of Process Automation are

  • Control and monitor the process at all times in a detailed and complete way, being able to know its status immediately. Avoiding the “black box” effect of the huge Excels, in which they are usually developed.
  • Reducing the time of the process cycle.
  • Obtaining performance indicators (KPI) updated in real time.
  • To know exactly what happened in each step of the process, through the record or trace that is generated from each activity.
  • Identify bottlenecks, redundant tasks or those that do not give value to improve the process.


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